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'The longer you look at an object the more abstract it becomes, and, ironically, the more real.'   Lucian Freud
I’m Caroline Murtagh, an oil painter living and working in County Wicklow, Ireland.  Born in London England, to Irish parents, we returned to live in Ireland when I was three years old.  I’ve been living here ever since, apart from some time spent living in Marblehead Massachusetts, when I studied at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly.  
For my 21st birthday I was given a gift of a replica box of an original Turner watercolour paint set and I was hooked.  Like many artists, I had to find a way to balance the practicalities of everyday life with the unpredictability and insecurity that can often be part of life as a working artist.  
In my case, I had trained as a nurse when I left school, so this became my main source of income.  It’s hard to imagine two more opposite occupations.  There is as little space for practicality and rational thinking in a painting studio as there is for creative thought and imagination in a hospital.  That said, the people I have met and the experiences I have had while in that profession have given me an insight into life that has been both enriching and thought-provoking.  These thoughts and the emotions they can stir are often subconscious because many happen as part of a busy day, when personal feelings have to be parked and thoughts can be fleeting.  
Much of my work up to now has been representational as I try to hold and capture those fleeting moments.  However, more and more I find myself drawn towards abstraction.  There is comfort in ambiguity and sometimes an image can say a thing that words just can’t.  
 For many years I worked alternate weeks in my studio.  I exhibited pieces in various galleries and [...]

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