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The spirit and purpose at the heart of my work is to encourage not only myself, but others as well as societies, communities and cultures to be empowered to take ownership of and to grow their own experiences that help them be whole and validated. I know that my images, concepts, purposes and perspectives, all come from a woman’s point of view. I also realize that the struggle to be whole and validated belongs to all of mankind. I create art hoping to inspire the spirit of truth and resilience.
My subject matter ranges from figures, feelings, messages to abstractions. I am inspired by life, the feelings that come from experiencing nature, good conversation and uplifting events. Because I love the written word, I write while I paint. I will often include a thought or a quote that has helped me along the journey of my painting so those may be included with the images. I use acrylic, and multi-media. When in my studio I feel the excitement of something undiscovered, continually searching concepts, styles and mediums. I draw, paint, paste, scrub and look for happy accidents. I like to write verse around each of my creations and those are usually included in my exhibits. Viewers often speak to me of how they are moved or inspired by my written thoughts expressed as well as the paintings and that feeds my own heart. I feel like my art journey has just begun. I learn and change with every stroke of my brush, fingers, charcoal, pen, pencil and twig…!


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