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I was born with a pencil in my hand, or so it seems. Line, to me, is form. The possibilities, endless.
Through my figurative compositions I seek to stimulate interpretations, challenge visual expectations,
and extend a personal invitation to find a balance between life and expression. 
A painting is never static. The artist’s concept is voiced through individual interpretations of a perceived universe which, if you will, is comprised of ever changing personal experiences. While the collective association of structural elements, rhythm, balance and the energy they create are integral to my work, I consider composition the primary essential. My overall ambition is to present the pastel medium in  unique perspectives and to create images with multiple levels of interest.
TECHNIQUESOFT PASTELSMy work with soft pastel is the union of basic drawing techniques and unorthodox formulation. Each piece is created one line at a time, six to ten layers of color over color and has an interesting depth perspective within a two dimensional format.
Works are on pastel board. They are presented framed, spaced behind museum glass. 
OIL PASTELSMy approach to oil pastel is one of exploration and discovery. This medium offers versatility and diversity of technique and substrate. These works are a powerful, yet looser interpretation of my figurative imagery.
Current works are on aluminum. Each piece has a high gloss resin finish and are presented framed.
Originally from New York, Carol has a BA in Fine Art and also has a background in the Culinary Arts. She now travels the country exhibiting at select fine art venues. 
Art Exhibit History: 15 years, 25 awards, over 200 events
Most recent awards: 2019 Naples National, best in 2D; 2019 Boca Raton Mizner Museum Art Show, award of merit; 2019 Armonk Outdoor Art Show, poster artist
MEDIUMThe pastel medium is one of the oldest forms of ‘painting’ dating back to the [...]

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