An example of fine art by CAROL E MALTBY

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    I have been drawing all of my life.  Being a self taught artist,  I learned by observing, various demonstrations, numerous books and mainly by trial and error.  My techniques have evolved into what I am doing today.
    In the beginning, the pencil was my major tool.  Later, I started oil painting, and continued to do so for many years.  I started working as an embroidery designer and was then put in the position of changing my medium to something I could pick up and put down.  It was then I started pen and ink.  After doing this for many years and hearing the comments from so many people, that I should add color to my drawings I picked up the pencil again.  My pen and ink drawings, which were done on scratchboard, an absorbent board, did not warrant having color added to them.  Colored and graphite pencil have been my medium ever since.  I recently have been combining the two in many of my works of art.
    I do various subjects.  Whatever moves me to draw.  Usually I draw things that tell a story, a feeling or mood.  The medium I use is in conjunction with the subject.  Black and white, colored and or both. 

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