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Painting is such a labor of LOVE.
First of all--I LOVE the idea, of painting
I LOVE the sensuous feeling as the spirit toys with different pictures in my mind that want to be painted
I LOVE the first stroke of the painting, and I know the adventure has begun
I LOVE the experience with every painting, when you think its not working and a small voice says "keep going you'll see"
I LOVE seeing the painting take on a life of its own
I LOVE the feeling of knowing when it is finished and complete
There is a part of me that would like to keep going, only because the journey was so sweet
I LOVE that I am doing exactly what I LOVE to do
Lastly, I LOVE the feeling of being able to let them go, and thinking about who is enjoying this creation,
how many different lives will touch this painting
knowing that the painting will be seen from many different perspectives
Thank you FATHER


Carole Harrison was born in Denver, Colorado and  lived most of her youth in Frisco and Glenwood Springs,Colorado in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  She has always been facinated with the expression of art.  Her first memorable experience of art occured when she was only seven years old, as she observed her older sister drawing.  Her sister asked her to participate as a model and so she posed as her sister drew her portrait.  And from that moment on, she knew that she wanted to be an artist.  As a child she played in the forest behind the Blue Spruce Inn, a restaurant her family owned in Frisco, she found herself surrounded by a mystical world filled with wonder and mystery. This is that quality that comes through her art; "What great adventure is in there, just waiting for me to enter? If I observe closely, I might just get a glimpse of it."  Her art has evolved over the years, as she has experienced creating her art in many different mediums and subjects,but the same feeling of curosity, peace and silence are a universal thread that connect all of her works.  She paints the same way she observes, with the third eye perspective, allowing the viewer to participate and be part of the adventure within. For Carole, color on the canvas expresses the light one can find, if one dares to look within!  She has throughout her years sought out to learn of this truth, through the gifted words and works published by their authors in the many books she has read over the years.. The presence NOW.   This she has learned, is the eternal portrait,  The perfect illusion.

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