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A painting is actually a glimpse into the artist's inner world. Even representative paintings of exterior objects are a record of his or her response to what is viewed and the “seeing” occurs in the painter's mind. I like to paint from life and to record what I see and feel. This is extremely challenging. The world can never be captured, even photographically.

I really like creating the illusion of three dimensional space on a two dimensional surface so that the viewer can experience a depth in the work. Simple things are visually fascinating. People, places, and things (figurative, landscape, or still life) are my current subjects. Although my portrayals are fairly realistic, I strive to be unconcerned with excessive detail or photorealistic precision.

In portraying the illusion of three dimensions I'm also able to capture the space in which the subject matter exists. I find this “negative space” really interesting and I hope my painting brings my own enjoyment to the viewer.

The greatest requirement on my part is attention. In my attempt to capture what I see and feel I am required to focus and refocus repeatedly. So in putting that experience on canvas I have to be fully engaged in the present moment. When this happens awareness of past or future can dissolve and time can seem suspended.

Picasso said “Art is a lie which makes us realize the truth.” So in the attempt to create a “lie”, an illusion of depth and space on a two dimensional plane and the real existence of the subject matter, I gain a more intense experience of simply being. Since I paint in my own “present time” I hope some sense of the “presence” of what I’m looking at and my joyful feeling for it is also experienced by the viewer.


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