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Colorado based pastel painter, Carole, clearly loves two things, color and travel.
Her love of color jumps off the page whether she interprets a sunny wall in Antigua, Guatemala, or a cafe in Lyon, France. When she is found at home she brings that traveler's eye to local scenes letting the viewer see familiar scenes in a new way.
She has spent many summers traveling in southwest France with fellow artists soaking up the light and culture. For the past ten years she has spent lengthening visits in Guatemala,  as a volunteer, a language student and tourist/discoverer.
Oh yes, she likes to learn languages. (Unfortunately she discovered this as an adult, so her French and Spanish can either be an entree or comic relief.)
The vibrant color of pastel pigment keep Carole's continued interest in this medium. She enjoys working on location, (Plein aire, with models and still life). She also works in her studio where she weaves her observational experiences into one new image.
She normally creates an underpainting, which becomes her first layer on Wallis (archival sanded paper), followed by layers of her favorite soft pastels. This allows her to develop layers of color and bring fluidity to her work.
The small scenes which all of us participate in daily life are those which interest Carole. She is drawn to markets, because of the repetition of shapes and the naturalness of the buyer and sellers. Also, walls which enclose homes and gardens have become a strong interest for her. They are places people have created for themselves and convey both an intimacy and beauty.
Carole grew up in Kansas in a creative/educator family, reading and drawing. She has studied and received degrees in Museum Education, Intaglio Printmaking and Art Education. Her art degrees and keen interest in the visual world have provided a wealth of valuable [...]

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