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"It is my feeling that you don't take up art, that instead it takes you up.  then it proceeds to shape your out look on life as a whole."


  Born and raised in Pasadena, California, I have been much influenced by the California Impressionist artist's colors, and ways of expressing the essence of light in oil, watercolor, and pastel.  "My paintings are my impressions of the world at large as I view it.  It is my feeling that you don't take up art, it takes you up, and proceeds to shape your outlook on life. I look to convey to the viewer a moment in time or an emotion felt while experiencing that place.  Playing with light and color is one of my trade marks.  I also continue to study, and try to improve my craft for the stimulation of the viewer, you!

  At this time in my career I am a pastel artist.  I love the richness of the colors, and the many ways I can apply this medium in conjunction with other mediums.  When  traveling it is easier to take my pastels, and paint spontaneous works.  I will continue to evolve and grow!

 Apart from my studio in Oregon, I have one on Maui. Variety is the spice of [...]

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