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  • Year Born: 1966

  • Earned a B.A. in Applied Art with an emphasis in painting at San Diego State University

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  • Price Range: $125.00 - $1,200.00

The Artist Says:

I live in a beautiful and diverse country!  Frequently traveling, almost exclusively by car, has given me the opportunity to photograph and sketch wherever I go. It's this collection of images that have fueled by 'Painting America" pursuit. My current works are an up close and personal perspective, as if you are looking into my camera's viewfinder and taking a picture of the image along with me.  


Carmen Schaar-Walden was born on March 9, 1966 in San Diego, California as the sixth of seven children.   She currently lives and works in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Carmen showed an interest and aptitude for art at a very early age, winning local art contests, drawing whenever she could and earning a B.A. in Art with an emphasis in painting at San Diego State University in 1991. 

Carmen has been privileged to live in many parts of the United States such as southern California, Washington state, Wyoming and Oklahoma. Experiencing America from these different perspectives made Carmen want to showcase her varing natural surroundings.  In addition, she began taking cross-country road trips while in college, sketching and photographing America’s enormous diversity and natural beauty.    These sketches and photographs, that continue today, are the start of Carmen’s creative process and the focus of her artwork.  Carmen prefers the flexibility of acrylic paint as her primary medium, but additionally works in oil and watercolor. Carmen is influenced by Post-Impressionism and California Impressionism.


Carmen feels obliged to also pay homage to barns and other man-made working buildings.  They too speak to her about their tireless and humble work that is evident in their weathered facades.  Carmen often paints her subject matter from the viewer’s personal vantage point, as they would have discovered it passing by.  She feels it is important to appreciate these visual treasures as they remind us that we have a duty to protect them for future generations.

Her work has been accepted and awarded in various national, regional and local art exhibitions.
B.A. Art - Emphasis in Painting San Diego State University, San Diego, California, 1991

Second Place Watercolor Category, Alpha Rho Tau - June 2022 Art Show at The Hive Gallery , Jenks Oklahoma, June/2022

Honorable Mention Acrylic Category, Alpha Rho Tau - June 2022 Art Show at The Hive Gallery [...]

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