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Upon completion of my BFA from Moore Colleg of Art & Design in Philadelphia,
I became a commercial artist.  
First for Hallmark Cards, Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri and then as a very busy freelancer with card companies, design firms and publishers throughout the U.S.
After over 15 years of freelancing while my husband and I raised our two children, I returned to Moore to do graduate work which led to my PA State Certification in Visual Art grades K thru 12 



I taught art for ten years at a private school in Philadelphia.  Great kids and many fun projects.

               As a teacher I was required to take continuing education classes to keep my state certification.
And one night I walked into a watercolor class at my local community college. 
My expectation was that it would just be an easy class to earn my credits and off I would go.  
It became so much more than that.
After the class I went back to my classroom but on my days off I read everything I could about watercolor.  
I watched you tube videos, read all the art magazines and just played with the materials.
A defining characteristic of my work is saturated color enhanced by dramatic lighting.
I enjoy portraying the relationship of objects to one another.
How do they acknowledge one another through reflection and shadow?
How do the objects gather on the page to create a dynamic composition?
Two of many questions I consider when beginning a new piece.
I have been awarded Signature Status in the following 
The National Watercolor Society
The Watercolor Honor Society
The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society
The Philadelphia Watercolor Society
The Northwest Watercolor Society
The Baltimore Watercolor Society
Recently I retired from teaching and now have the happy task of painting full time.
I consider myself fortunate to do this work.

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