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For the last 15 years Salida has been the base camp for Carl and his well known Carl Ortman Gallery.
Our overqualified Ben Syzek, in house tech genius is now directing your commissions and requests from the gallery in Salida as Carl is currently travelling to different parts of the UK fuelling his inspiration.
As an easy to talk person, Carl is super excited to take your calls and develop your ideas in new commissions. Get in touch!
Don't panic!
We are shipping fresh paintings to be displayed at the gallery and commissions back monthly, sometimes weekly.
Carl is currently pushing his boundaries in London and getting ready for a new adventure.
Updates to his plan will come in regularly and of course sporadically like Carl.
A little about the Artist:
As you may know, for the last 15 years Carl has been getting into trouble all over the USA, from painting Life Models with Randy Sexton in San Francisco to studying with Dan Thompson and Max Ginsburg in New York City; from Jazz Fest in New Orleans to Jack Johnson in Santa Barbara.
We explored Plein Aire Festivals with Joshua Been in Sedona, the Grand Canyon, high into the mountains of Victor Colorado and Crested Butte.
Those of you that know Carl are aware of his passion for the never ending adventure not only to paint places but to get involved and live the sustainable play.

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