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CARL MOHNER 1921 to 2005
Carl Mohner, prolific and award winning Artist and noted Actor of the screen and stage,  made once the comment: Acting was his Profession,                                                    ART WAS HIS LIFE. 
And what a life it was!!! He lived it to the fullest, even though he was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1988, which is an artist worst enemy.  Carl never sketched of prepared his  canvas or paper.  His creativity, playfulness and spontaneous approach was astounding to anybody watching him. The balance of the painting was of utmost importance to the artist. If you have a chance to view some of his work, you may pay attension to the aspect of balance in his paintings. 
Museum Director Terry Melton commented in the catalog CARL MOHNER RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION at  MIM:
"Carl Mohner is clearly a modernist. He understands Kandinsky better than many artists do. His understandings are those which gave us the extraordinary  production of the BAUHAUS SCHOOL, a brew kettle for the new ideas of modernism.
In the film idustry his films have received the coveted CANNES FILM FESTIVAL'S GOLDEN PALM AWARDS. Some of his movies "Rififi"  and "Sink the Bismarck"  are considered classics and are appreciated by audiences decades after their production.
 Carl Mohner started exhibiting in Rome Italy 1962. Exhibitions followed in Stuttgart and  Munich, Germany - Vienna and Graz, Austria - Belgrade, Yugoslavia - Milan, Italy and later  many Cities in the USA.
Mohner received auspicous notices in many newspapers, including the VATICAN STATE NEWSPAPER, L'OSERVATORE ROMANO, where the art critic Gualitiero da Via wrote favourable about  his work. 1963 Carl participated in the "PARABLES OF THE LORD" Exhibition in Rome Italy, which was blessed by POPE  JOHN XXIII. The same year Mohner won the GOLD METAL at the
Participating in Juried Art Festival in the USA in Houston, Denver, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, and Kansas City,  Carl received several BEST OF SHOW AWARDS  and FIRST PLACES.
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