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  • Price Range: $125.00 - $6,650.00
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Carlene Christophine Wallace, a direct descendant of the European tradition, is a classically trained studio artist, whose work adorns homes throughout the United States. If you are familiar with William-Adolphe Bouguereau's modern interpretation of classical subjects, or John Singer Sargent's American evocations of Edwardian era luxury, or even Norman Rockwell's popular reflections of American culture, you may begin to grasp something of the range of Carlene's gifts.
    If you are like everyone else, you have shoebox after shoebox of photographs; some old, some recent, most of them forgotten.  If you are like a few, you have scrap-booked (some of) your children, your wedding, or a vacation---or at least you are planning to.  And maybe you have pictures on your phone, or tablet, or computer by which you are hoping to remember those whose hearts, wisdom and patience have warmed, guided and consoled you in life.
    This may be well and good for most people, but what if there is or was someone in your life really special, so special that you do not want that memory lost in a shoebox collecting dust in albums or reduced to ones and zeroes in cyberspace?  That's where an artist comes in.  In Europe and in America, from the days of the Renaissance until now, families have turned to the portraitist to capture not the dimensions merely, but the light and life of those significant to them.
    For a fuller understanding, just look around at her exhibits before you. The landscapes or street scenes you see may come from Holland (where her living roots still abound) or Belgium or Moscow—or Ponca City—or from anywhere else anyone else has given her a photograph to transform into something permanently significant. Notice the children. How can you not? You've seen those expressions and experienced some of those little [...]

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