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I patented a writing instrument for the healthcare field & that took me too far away from being a film producer (my own company Film Flair, 25 years).
I missed visual media. About ten years ago, I picked up a digital camera to enjoy the pleasure of Seeing again. The  photoing started as a casual hobby, but I became more interested in the media by telling a visual story. It wasn’t just one photo image at a time - as a visual series.  It was almost like the films I did - an edited picture or a picture-in-a-picture – telling the whole story.
The images are part photo, part art, part piece by piece, curved, squared, filled and erased, smeared, and sharpened to fit together as a meaning. I edit the images and art in Photoshop. The final Images portray a meaning, an event, a sentence, a descriptive word, even though there may be multiple images to tell the story. All my finished work is on canvas.
My images are photo-art collages a combination of photo elements and art layers built upon themselves to express an idea. The style, however unique and seemingly non standard, is being accepted by both artists and the photo communities. The work is growing into more art galleries, becoming more popular.
I started in commercial photography then transitioned to film production. I had my own film company Film Flair for 25+ years, and then transitioned again this time creating and producing my own pens and grips to overcome things such as writer's cramp, arthritis and others. No photo-taking here. Then a few years after starting, I decided to do humorous photo art advertising designs such as – Nude EzGrip Pen Descending a Tablet – with thanks to Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase #2.”  It became [...]

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