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Carla Sanders lives and  maintains an art studio in Hope, Maine. She began painting the figure while living in New York City, where she raised a family. After moving to Maine, she continued to work with the figure, working more personally with shamanic and divine symbolism in the human body, landscape and heavens.

She first sculpted the figure in clay in 1997, quickly evolving from full figure studies to deeply personal small vessels containing parts of the body. Working initially with a low fire earthenware clay and primitive firing technology, Carla bought her first electric kiln in 2004. She now prefers high fire porcelain clay for her small, detailed sculpture. Its translucent quality and pure white color transmit light. The addition of glass adds color and light as well.

These works marked the opening of a spiritual quest to express the healing power of sexuality, eroticism and divine love. Diva Bowls were born. Diva Bowls touched people them in deep places where they often needed healing and they bought them to place on their personal altars. In 2006, Carla recognized that some people needed to wear their sculpture on their body, and so Love Charms came into being. Originally made exclusively of porcelain and glass, Love Charms have recently experienced a marriage between porcelain clay and precious metal silver clay. The relationship of these two materials is a rich new field for play and discovery.


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