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      I have been immersed in various creative pursuits all my life. My mother was a noted watercolorist and taught art to children in each community she lived in. The importance of art and the joy of color was a constant theme of my childhood.
     I graduated with honors from the University of Washington with a degree in Clothing Design, Textiles and Art. For many years I pursued a career in the fashion industry and held major positions at Britannia Sportswear, Demetre Sweaters, Roffe Skiwear and did design and color consulting with other sportswear companies in the Northwest. This career required substantial travel throughout the US, Europe and Asia. The exposure to a myriad of cultures allowed me the opportunity to experience their use of colors, textures and designs. My husband and I have traveled in Europe and Africa and for each of the last 15 years we've spent several weeks in southern France.
     I privately pursued art and music for my personal satisfaction during my career. A few years ago, I left the fashion industry and began a private study of various art forms.  I spent considerable time investigating techniques and forms of artistic expression. Along the way I became interested in photography.  I now have an extensive library of wildlife and nature photographs. My favorite topics include African wildlife and the birds of the northwest. I do have a particular fascination with crows.
     I now work in two distinct, but related, disciplines. The first is the creation of encaustic mixed media. It is based on traditional, centuries old, wax layering techniques.  I often begin with a foundation from my photo library and add other mixed elements like special papers, coins, stamps, old letters and items of interest from my personal collections.  I developed these [...]

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