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  Carla Armbrust was born and raised in Oregon's beautiful Willamette Valley. Though she lived with her parents and ten siblings in a big house in town, she was a country girl in her heart. Armbrust spent much of her youth playing in farmyards and forests; exploring, horseback riding and camping.
  Today, Armbrust's studio sits on a hill overlooking a pond and hundreds of acres of fields and forests. Deer, foxes, coyotes and the occasional cougar pass in the fields below and the pond and nearby creek play host to beavers, mink, herons, kingfishers and all manner of aquatic and land animals. These lavish fields, forests and streams provide much of the inspiration and subject matter for Armbrust's paintings.
  Armbrust's greatest love is animals. Domestic and wild. Large and small. Furred and feathered. Using her primary mediums of pencils and pastels, Armbrust hopes to "journal" the precious moments she has shared with these animals and invites the viewer to share these moments with her.
  An award winning artist, Armbrust's works have been juried into local, regional and international shows, museum shows and international exhibitions.

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