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  • FASO Artist Website: http://ccarrilgalerie.com

  • Year Born: 1951

  • I love history and that has influenced me to study the word of God in the last fifteen years. I think is the History of Humanity.

  • Draw the attention of every person who is interested in the Mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

  • With my Art let people know who The Trinity is.

  • Price Range: $500.00 - $5,000.00

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The Artist Says:

I study the Bible to know who God is and to be able to put the essence of His Spirit on a surface.
How can we talk about a person if we don't know that person?
I' have been studying and scrutinizing the scriptures for more than a decade. And the more I read what archaeologists have found and the history of mankind the more I think the word of God is true. Not only that. But, I think it is easier to believe than not to believe.
In order to understand the word of God, you have to have the revelation of The Holy Spirit. You can read it with your intelligence but you will only have knowledge not revelation.  The information is just that. The revelation changes your life.
I am not the one who paints; It is The Spirit of God that uses me to create.
All Glory is for Him.


Capture the essence of God of the Spiritual world.
Create on a surface a message of what I feel and what we can not see in the physical world.
That is my inspiration. If I can touch the hearts of people with my Spiritual Art, my work is a success.
Caridad Carril, also known as Cathy Faust, was born on April 21,1951, in Havana, Cuba. Arriving in the US in 1971 and residing in the Borough of Brooklyn, New York, until 1981, she then moved to Florida, where she presently resides with her husband, Bill. She does not boast of having too much experience in the visual arts because she does not, nor has she attended the best schools in the world. In her own words: "I received a call from God in the Prophetic Arts, to bring a specific message to the person who buys my painting; meaning that the particular painting that draws in your attention and touches your heart is made specifically for you.Many of these paintings are the product of what God has done after being in the "Secret Place" with Him, seeking intimacy of His presence, and listening to His word. They are based on visions that the Lord has given me and full of His word. I don't know who you are, but He does. He knows that someone, somewhere in this world, needs to see or hear this message from Him. That will minister every time you see that painting."(Jeremiah 29:11) For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.Cathy's artistic experience began on December 6, 2009, when the Lord, through one of His servants, sent her a prophetic message. Seizing and activating it to work over her life. [...]

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