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For me, the process of creating a painting always begins with an emotion I have about a scene, a place or something I've experienced. As an avid traveler and one who is curious about other cultures, destinations and engaging with people along the way, there is no shortage of inspiration from which to draw and to use as starting points for paintings.
The Pacific Northwest, where I've lived my whole life, has four distinct seasons which offer unique and fresh views every few months. As a plein air painter (yes, even in the rain) this is glorious and something to look forward to when planning outings to favorite spots. Painters have choices here which we do not take for granted and these are the choice to paint on a body of water or in the mountains and it is all within easy reach in a day. 
My interest in art began as a student of art and in the viewing of a John Singer Sargent painting in the Metropolitain. I'll never forget the way I felt looking at his brushstrokes and the drama he created with paint. Later in life I received a Fine Art degree and have been influenced by Robert Henri, Nicolai Fechin, Edouard Manet, William Merritt Chase, Charles Hawthorne and Henry Hensche plus innumerable workshop instructors.
Looking at paintings is as exciting and fulfilling as in the creation of a painting. Art is a passion, an addiction. The more I understand and expose myself to in art, the more enthusiasm I feel for it. 

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