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I was born in Houston and raised in Pasadena, TX by parents who owned and operated a lumber and construction company.  I was, therefore, obliged to work at the "company" till college.
I attended Rice University on a full athletic scholarship.  Since my Freshman year of high school, I dedicated myself to becoming an architect and developing my natural artistic gifts through painting.
I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and Bachelor of Architecture degree.  The only scholarship athlete at Rice University to do so.
MY CAREER IN THE ART OF ARCHITECTURE Over the next forty-eight years, I co-founded two highly successful architectural design firms which specialized in educational, religious, and institutional facilities throughout Texas and Louisiana.  
 I was responsible for the design and marketing studios.  Together the offices won over thirty-eight significant educational and institutional design awards.  I have been fortunate to have worked with so many creative and talented architects who constantly enriched my career.
All my life I have loved the excitement of art.  Michelangelo said the highest of the arts is architecture.  That did it for me!  I felt that there were four commitments I had to make to pursue and excel at a higher level in the arts:
(1)  Education 

a lifetime of learning and discipline
university studies and credentials
 painting studio experience throughout my life
experiencing the great works of art through travel

(2)  Exploration of meanings, techniques, styles and subject diversity
(3)  Expression of deeper meaning within my art
(4)  Enjoyment of the journey
My career in architecture was complemented by my private interest in painting.  The opposite was also true.  Buildings should be a work of art not just functional machines.  Buildings can be inspiring, exciting environments for learning and living.  School buildings can be teachers too.
Art in all forms can be more than "pretty" or weak additions to the interior design decorum [...]

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