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Caleb Shelby is a Southern Illinois based artist with a passion for creativity.  While he dabbles in other art forms, watercolor and oil paint are second-hand nature. He enjoys plein air painting, as well as creating in the studio.  
Always drawn to artistic endeavors, Caleb found his inspiration all around him.  His natural abilities were nurtured by his supportive parents, who also possess considerable artistic talents.  At an early age, he was given creative materials and taught many artistic techniques that he continues to cherish today in his works.  
 Caleb excelled at Wabash Valley College where he received a degree as a machinist.  He was called to this career because of the technology-driven creativity.  He works as a machinist & programmer at B & G Machine where he utilizes his knowledge of measurement and functionality daily.  
Happily married, Caleb lives with his wife of 13 years, Andrea.  Their three children are Lydia, Jackson, and Max.  Caleb encourages his children to pursue their artistic interests and passions, and serves as an inspiration to them each time he completes a piece.  He is an example of strong work ethic and perseverance.  
Participating in the Fairfield Fall Foliage Paint Out has been a joy for the past 9 years. Caleb has received many awards & recognition during that time.  His work and family life keep him quite busy, but he plans to make time to participate in more of these events in the future. His hope is to someday travel the country as a plein air painter. 

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