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  • Price Range: $650.00 - $4,000.00
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Welcome and I’m grateful for taking your time to view my work.
From the time I was 5 years old I knew that a deep desire to draw and paint realistically. My skill developed over time and my mom made sure that I entered local art competitions. I recall walking into one exhibit at age 9 and boldly told the curator “I am an artist”.
I studied in a University undergraduate art program where I was asked if I planned to be an illustrator. They stated that my drawing and painting style was too realistic, and that representational painting was passé.
I still continued to pursue this inward passion to study realism. I loved the great master’s classical work such as Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, the Pre-Raphaelite painter, John Waterhouse, Bouguereau and John Singer Sargent.  I loved art history and art styles of all kinds. Unfortunately, there was a void in finding skilled instructors or anyone who had been trained classically. I began to teach myself and found one mentor in Chicago who had studied realism in the day when the Art Institute of Chicago once offered study in the master’s techniques. She was 75 years old. I also sought out classical portrait painters and studied under the great portrait painter, Daniel Greene.
I did earn a degree in Commercial Art and Illustration in Chicago. I was a professional Illustrator and later established my own business as a muralist. I went on to teach art in private Classical High Schools and then opened my own atelier or studio academy, Whitney School of Art, for gifted students desiring to be classically trained.
After a fulfilling 10 years of teaching and encouraging award winning students, my family sat me down and said, “It’s time you focused on doing your own work!” I loved teaching and investing in young [...]

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