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Pictured above is C. Russell Anderson, artist; Anne Brith Berge, Director of Norwegian Chamber-Houston, TX;  Consulate General Lasse Seim, Ambasador, Consul General of Norway."I find Mr. Anderson's project to be very exciting. The Norwegian immigration to America has a big place in the Norwegian history because so many emigrated over the years that nearly every family in Norway has relatives in the United States" Anne-Brith Berge, Executive Director, The Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce HoustonC. Russell Anderson was born in Lewistown, Montana.  He moved to Texas to attend Texas Academy of Art. He successfully completed training and became a designer for an ad agency in Queens, NY. Then he enlisted into the Army and became a combat artist for the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. Upon completing his enlistment, he returned to training at Northwestern State University.  His illustration and design career blossomed with Brown & Root, Inc, Southwest Art Magazine, Gulf Publishing and Vice President of Marketing for Heritage West Fine Art Publishers. Today, he teaches two days a week and produces paintings for collectors.Below is the artist with Miss USA Crystal Stewart and the Southern Manager of Qatar Airways, Kristian Anderson      

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