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C. Michael Stanley, or Mike, is a native of Durham, NC and began drawing at age 4. It was about this time that he showed a keen understanding of shape and proportion. His mother, herself a gifted paints and textiles artist, began his informal art and form studies. She fostered in Mike a deep imaginative perspective of the natural world. Two early drawings still feature proximately in his home to remind Mike of the simplistic joy of creativity.
By age 12, having grown up on a dairy farm, Mike’s interests turned towards architecture; he single- handedly built a log cabin in which he and cousins played endlessly. Soon after, Mike’s mechanical abilities began to show. At age 11, he built a go-cart from two self-propelled lawnmowers. By Junior High, Mike had already designed a vernier type drafting machine (still in use today) and began drafting designs for small houses. After high school, Mike pursued a degree in design at Louisiana State University. In the late 1970’s, Mike used his talent to design modern medical buildings constructed over the southeastern United States.
Mike never stopped painting, designing, or creating and even delved into the photographic arts as a professional photographer. He has now retired and focuses on oil and watercolors. This allows him time to rediscover his passion for old masters’ techniques, the study in modern and abstract art natural forms, and to paint only what intrigues him. He enjoys the challenge of replicating the styles of Cezanne and Van Gogh, among others, and appreciates new impressionist styles, and produces unique pen & ink drawings in his studio.

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