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Human habitat celebrates a dynamic relationship with circumstances:  built at inestimable and unforeseen adventure, costly and fragile as life.


I have worked in the arts all my life.  Early immersion in fiber arts and surface design naturally gave way to a passion for sculpting surfaces with paint. 
Forever learning from the medium, which enforces the laws of physics whether I anticipate them or not, is like dancing with a stranger, watching for cues and responses and responding in rhythm.  While I may never understand light refraction, much less why or how it conveys human emotion, this is what I am chasing.
I am fascinated with human habitat and endeavor, spaces created and occupied, and celebrating the odd beauty of physical reality, that delicious mix of accident and intention.
Ongoing Representation
Women Painters of Washington Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists Gallery, Seattle, Washington
Pacific Fine Art, Raymond, Washington
Genoa Cellars Winery Tasting Room, Woodinville, Washington
Betker Studio, Seattle, Washington 206-619-1887
Emerald C Gallery, Coronado, California

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