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I find the biggest challenge in creating an original and unique multi-media pallete of both texture and color. Using a variety of substrates including canvas, crystal, marble, clay, glass, styrofoam and vinyl, I build a base image. By adding a variety of color elements,  from inks to acrylics, from pencil to crayon, I attempt to produce an image which will respond to light and shadow. Finally, using both shutter speeds and light resolutions, the photo-image evolves from a visual respresentation or image to an emotional impression, calling upon the viewer to participate in the visual experience.
My stylistic preference is impressionistic, from real to surreal. As stated, each piece represents to me an opportunity to create an impression, a response mixing both intellect and emotion. In terms of the intellectual, I seek an image that is recognizable, relatable either in the real world or in one's imagination. In terms of the emotional, I seek to incorporate a variety of senses into the image, asking the viewer to give something of him or herself into the enjoyment of the piece.
My category of artistic style is based upon one of three levels of abstraction.
The least abstract is Impressionism, visual art emphasizing light and line but maintaining sufficient detail to be recognized. Impressionistic image evokes some “impression” from the viewer.
More abstract is Expressionism, art emphasizing less detail. Instead of the image evoking an impression from the viewer, the artist attempts to “express” his or her own interior feeling.
Most abstract is Abstract Expressionism or simply Abstract. It represents something, but is not recognizable.
Simply stated, if you know what it is, it is impressionism; if you think you know what it is, it is expressionism; and if no one knows what it is, it is abstract

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