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 Bruce enjoys the process of painting. When her current painting is complete, she is looking forward to the next one. It may be in another medium or another style. She may paint her subject photo-realistically or the style may be in between or to the extreme, depicting humor in slapstick. It might be a very different subject or it could be part of a series. One thing is certain about her work; it will tell a story. She credits her many years of teaching for enabling the ability to dart back and forth with mediums and styles to tell her story best. Artist’s statement: I paint for the process - the pure enjoyment of painting. I can not imagine not painting. Likewise, I couldn’t have imagined the endeavors that my art lead me towards - teaching art for three years on ETV, being the only person locked inside a super Wal-mart store, on a scissor lift (while painting murals near the ceiling), and owning a small manufacturing business, winning the Governor’s Award for Small Business Employer of the year - 1984. Somewhere along the line, art moved into my life.

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