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My earliest memories are from experiences I had living on my grandfather’s sheep ranch.  My father grew up there and understood  the land, how time and process had created it. He knew the patterns of the stars and the myths that had been formed from them.  He could tell which plant made a poultice; which animal left a two-pronged  footprint. There was always more to his narrative than could be seen on the surface. I believe his layered stories sent me looking for underlying meanings and values in all things.  My art reflects that layering of time, process and experience.
I am especially interested in surfaces - what they reveal and conceal.  I build many layers, often constructing and deconstructing to suggest histories of over and under.  Over can be seen as facade, an attempt to make a certain impression, or perhaps a surface that is broken or disturbed to reveal what is below.  Under can imply the undiscovered, unexplained, misunderstood, or perhaps a psychological or spiritual state; or it can point to an underlying purpose, value, or reality. In the cold wax pieces there is often an implied planar space where the  layers interact in a shallow field.  In any case, I like to leave questions unanswered so that people who see my work can participate in creating the stories with their own experiences and insights.
 B.S., Education (Music), MSU-B; additional art classes at MSU-B in drawing, painting, history, and theory and critique; various workshops and master classes; extensive private study. 
Yellowstone Art Museum Art Auction Exhibits (2008-2017), Billings, MT
Waterworks Art Museum Art Auction Exhibits, Miles City, MT
Paris Gibson Art Auction Exhibit, Great Falls, MT
 Frame Hut and Gallery Invitational Exhibit, Billings, MT 
Carbon County National Juried Show, Red Lodge, MT
Cody Arts Guild Exhibition, Cody, WY
Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT
Toucan Miniatures Exhibitions
Big Sky Gallery, Billings, MT
Studio 16 [...]

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