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Painting is a challenge in that you have to capture a moment in time, create a story or stir an emotion, using some piles of color and simple tools. Painting outdoors or painting from life presents a challenge because things change while your trying to capture it. Weather presents it own challenge. The world is the greatest reference library you could ask for. Every time you start a new painting it's a different experience and you have the opportunity to create something new. In the end if you succeed and create a nice painting then that's a bonus.
I try to capture the atmosphere and contrast in landscapes and the essence of the subject. True success is when you can also capture the feeling  as well as  the image.
B Wolf
I graduated with an engineering degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and worked for many years as an engineer. But there was always another interest that spoke to me, finally one day I decided to listen and become a painter.
At first it was a challenge to try to become a self-taught artist and still be a full time engineer, but I sought out many resources along the way.  I studied drawing and painting for many years with Joseph Todorovitch, a renowned master portrait and figure painter. I took workshops with nationally known artist and instructors such as Frank Serrano, John Budicin and Greg LaRock, and I joined the Plein Air Artists of Riverside. Painting in the great outdoors really appeals to me.
I have worked hard improving my skills as not only a plein air artist, but as a studio painter as well.  I eventually left my career in engineering to become a full time Artist.
I believe inside everyone flows an underlying current of desire to be more creative. Inside us all there is a voice that [...]

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