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Brian Romer was born in Vancouver quite some time ago and began to paint at a very young age with encouragement from a father who loved fishing and painting. Preferring to clean brushes to salmon, Brian misspent  much of his youth under the influence of abstract expressionism.
He studied under Miss Wilcox at Magee High, receiving an “A” in Art 10 and 12 (with a slip to “B” in grade 11 after discovering young girls and old motor scooters.) He then went south to the University of Oregon, eventually receiving a Master’s Degree (in business, of all things) and subsequently lived and worked in Montreal, New York, Calgary and Edmonton before finally making his way back to the West Coast. Time has definitely mellowed Brian, and his abstracts have become much more representational in an attempt to capture the natural beauty of his world.
Brian paints just about every day in his Sunshine Coast studio, and whenever possible, on  an 8" x 10"  board on his lap amongst the trees. His works have been shown in various locations over the years, primarily above the bed, behind the piano and down the entire length of the front hall.
Having taken himself far too seriously throughout his previous life, Brian is now determined to keep his art fun. Although, truth be told, at his now rather advanced age, he often paints quite furiously, in what will undoubtedly prove to be a futile attempt to get them all done.
"For those who know how to read, I have painted my autobiography."
                                                                                                   Pablo Picasso
"Why talk, [...]

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