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As a woodworker, I use my work to feature the beauty to be found in the medium of wood.  Rather than hide the wood behind stains and dyes, I prefer to let its natural beauty shine through.  There are so many varieties of wood, offering different colors, textures, and figures to work with.  Something as simple as maple can vary in color from very white and plain, to shades of amber, yellow and brown.  The figure in each board is different, it can shimmer as your eye moves to a different place.  It is probably my favorite wood to work with.

Some of my other favorite woods are American Cherry, which darkens and becomes richer over time, African Wenge, with its chocolate and dark brown striping, Purpleheart, which likes it name is naturally purple and makes a great contrast with Maple, and Bocote, a Central American wood, with it yellow/brown/black striping.

My influences are Contemporary and Asian design.  I like the clean lines of contemporary and Scandinavian design and I believe they work well with Asian influences.  There is a tranquility in many of the Japanese and design.  They combine of rectangular and curved shapes, using one to accent the other. 

I create my works in my shop in San Martin, CA, not far from Silicon Valley.  I do all of the work myself, including finding the right wood to work with.  I will often buy a beautiful piece of wood without knowing what I will make with it.  Part of the fun is looking for a shape that will highlight the beauty and figure within that particular piece.  Because of that, no two pieces I made are exactly the same. 

I am constantly adding to my collection so please check back frequently.  I do commission work, so if you have an idea [...]

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