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Art and P.E. were my favorite subjects in school. I always put more into them than my other subjects because they made me feel alive! I never thought I could make a living at it, art or soccer, so I tried the corporate life briefly after graduating from college.
I was about to enter the management training program with the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta when an interior designer introduced me to the world of decorative painting. I fell in love instantly. My decorative painting career began and I made a comfortable living for the next 15 + years. Those years helped me develop my sense of color, balance and scale essential to producing visually pleasing effects on walls, floors, ceilings and other architectural elements.
 About a decade ago I felt the urge to do something more in my  creative career. Some of the contemporary art I saw on a trip to galleries in Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico reminded me of what I had been doing on people’s walls and I felt I could make the transition from walls to canvas. 
Some of the transition has been easy, some hard, mostly with regard to the business of being an artist. As for the art  it will always be a developing process, but I still rely heavily on my previous decorative painting career and I think that’s what sets my work apart from other more classically trained artists. 

I enjoy hiking, soccer, fly fishing, cats, music, cooking  and eating good food.  My business and life partner, artist Michele Scrivner, is my best friend, my toughest critic and my biggest supporter. 


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