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Brian Bateman is an historical artist. Keeping our past in the present is how he likes to think about what he does, ensuring that not only past generations remember historical figures and events, but also the upcoming generations that should know where we came from and where we may go based on the past. He did not call on the genre, it called on him - a calling that resides within him to this day.
It has been this way since he was a child growing up in Dayton, Ohio in the early 1960s. His particular love of historical events from our past motivates his desire to keep alive the events within our nationís history as well as world history. Native American culture within the old west is a favorite subject as this way of life and spiritual thought is something that fascinates him with his subjects depicted through hours of research.
Military aviation and the men/women and machines flown within these events are also a favorite subject that he has been involved with for 30 years, and Brian is currently the Vice President of the American Society of Aviation Artists, a national art group of select aviation artists dedicated to the preservation of military history and has been an Artist Member for over 10 years and has numerous awards with his depiction of these events over his tenure as well as a presenter at the yearly forums which focuses on teaching select subject matter.
Brian was in the graphic design field for 30 years for various agencies and studios before his move into the fine art world, and is also currently with two western galleries Creighton-Block Gallery in Big Sky Montana and Lovetts Fine Gallery located in Tulsa Oklahoma. His aviation artwork is represented by Aviation Art Hangar in MD.
Various national western [...]

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