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Welcome to my website.  I am new to the art world.  After spending time in my "real world" raising four amazing daughters and working as a nurse,  I now get to live  in my "dream world" painting full time.
I have always been creative, constantly sewing, painting, decorating, building or making something.  After taking some art classes in college, my major almost changed to art.  I loved it, but my practical, left brain side won so I finished my nursing degree.  Now my right brain is in charge and painting makes my brain very happy.
I currently reside in Evergreen, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.  I have been lucky to have some very inspirational teachers.  First, I took classes at the Art Student's League of Denver.  Then after moving to the mountains, I moved right next door to a talented artist named Pem Dunn, who just happened to teach art classes.  He teaches so much more than just technique. He gave me confidence and is an amazing man.   Then because of my husband's job transfer, I met another wonderful artist Susan Jarvis.  Guess who had an opening in her classes?  Susan is a gifted teacher who generously shares her talent, knowledge and passion for art with others. I have learned so much from her.  It was as if life was saying, "I am putting these talented people in your path, learn from them."
Follow me as I take this new direction in my life.  I love it!  I love painting! I can spend hours and hours sitting at my easel.  I forget to eat, drink, do laundry, clean, pull weeds, call my husband....   (Thank you honey for supporting me!)  Hope you enjoy my art.

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