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Brenda Tucker was born and raised in south Florida, she grew up fishing and camping in the Keyes and the Everglades. A scuba diver and an avid sailor, Brenda fulfilled a life long dream when she and her husband Michael set sail on the "Sea Dragon" in 2001. The trip allowed her to paint and dedicate herself to producing wonderful watercolors.Above the sea and below, the ocean abounds with life and color, creating an never ending inspiration for this internationally acclaimed artist. Waterclors are the perfect medium to re-create the fish, turtles, coral and flowers of the islands. Brenda`s use of vibrant colors has become her signature.In 2018 Brenda moved location from Naples, Fl. to Lake Butler, Florida with 2 1/2 acres of wild trees and wilderness landscapes Brenda is working on her new collection reflecting the beauty and diversity of North Florida.  In this peaceful oasis on the Santa Fe river Brenda carries on her traditions of bright, vibrant color and botanical detail in this new collection.
With her author husband Michael Calhoun Tucker, Brenda and Cracker Art are touring around Florida attending festivals throughout Florida
Here on the website Brenda Tucker, and SEA DRAGON ARTWORK (Now Cracker Art), you can keep in touch with both the new and current paintings and prints.  Vibrant colors of nature and the underwater domain are Brenda's calling card.  You will hardly believe this vivid colored painting are watercolors.  Not the soft, and pastel traditional watercolors but so vibrant they have to be seen to really understand Brenda Tucker's use of her artist palette. 

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