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As an abstract painter, I have something to say. An invitation to my viewer.
A grand aspiration that hopes to cast shards of refracted light and beauty!
My work is an invitation to share the most hopeful, comforting, beautiful, stable, inspiring part of my life - the best part. I want my paintings to draw you like a hole in the overcast that allows the brilliant beams of the sunset to break through. My art invites you to see through a breach in the gray, mundane into the brilliance and beauty of the Creator God, Father of Jesus Christ.
As most abstract artists do, I take great delight in color, texture, line and composition. There is an undeniable pleasure in responding to what I see on the canvas. I can be absolutely distracted by a 1” square passage in a painting.
When I first began to study and paint abstract works, I had to work hard at focusing on the meaning communicated by different compositional structures and color palettes. I strained to find the shapes and marks that would make the viewer say, “Oh, I get it!” when examining my paintings.
Now I find that many of my paintings flow more naturally as the tools and techniques of my craft become second nature to me. I often find that the concept I have been mulling over in my subconscious mind shows up on my canvas.
While many abstract artists would say that their work is about the paint, or the texture of their work, or that there is no meaning – only response, my work is different. They may mention instinct and intuition, emotion and sense of mystery, and to these things I add this. My work is an invitation.
From my letter to a fellow artist: “My purpose as an artist is to be a good artist. [...]

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