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Brenda was raised in Wilkes County, Georgia, on a cattle farm. She is a graduate of Augusta State University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science's legal studies track, and a minor in communications. She also previously studied music business management at the Art Institute of Atlanta. 
Her earliest memories of art include endless supplies of coloring books and crayons, which led to paint-by-numbers kits, and starter oil, watercolor, and acrylic sets. She collected art technique books, and tried those for which she was able to find materials. School reports and projects often included intricately detailed posters and drawings, and she sketched illustrations in her class notes.
Upon entering high school, she was finally able to attend art classes, and developed a particular interest in oil portraiture and pastels. Today, these mediums continue to be her preferences, but she is currently delighted with the immediacy of acrylics, and is devoting more time to developing her talent in this medium. 
Brenda also enjoys photography and poetry, and shares some of these works on her website. As she posts new pieces, she shares each one on her social media presences, including Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and Pinterest. She also submits selected works to Fine Art America and Daily Paintworks. 
Brenda currently resides in Jackson County, Georgia.
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