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Self taught oil artist.. born in Chicago.. but grew up in the desert SW.  I have had my own line of SW style jewelry for the past 25 years.. using Copper.. Red Brass and Sterling Silver.. successfully selling at art fairs throughout the SW states.. however.. it turned into a job and was not satisfying my creative spirit..I started painting in 2008.. and loving every minute.. I especially like painting animals.. trying to capture their curious personalities.. and quirky traits.. some expressions are priceless..  with loads of personality.. luckily, there is never a shortage of volunteers.. At first I tried to make every thing realistic.. but it just wasn't working.. so.. I like to call my style.. a bit of realism/impressionism.. with a big dash of humor.. I  live along the San Pedro River in the Saint David, AZ area.. surrounded by wildlife..
  My maritime roots take me back to Nova Scotia during the summer to visit with family.. A wonderful mix of two diverse locations..
Summer 2014.. North Rim mule ride..

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