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it up on a dairy farm in New York State exposed Brenda to raising animals, gardening and crafts. She also created whenever she could and was influenced by the fact that her grandfather was a painter. Edgar Kowalski was a well-known artist in the Buffalo, N.Y., area. In addition to portraits, he painted many beautiful landscapes of the area, mostly done "en plein back to majoring in music in college and raising her family, Brenda signed up for some classes and workshops to refine her painting and drawing skills. She then was introduced to, and soon joined The Chestnut Group, a non-profit alliance of artists and friends dedicated to the conservation and preservation of endangered landscapes in Middle Tennessee, where Brenda now lives.
Painting outdoors with her fellow Chestnut Group members reconnected her with the experience of having witnessed her grandfather's part in the arts culture of Western New York. Plein air painting has been a wonderful fit for her and allows her to visit beautiful areas of the countryside where she creates oils and pastels, painting the beauty of creation in her own way. Besides pursuing art, she tends to her farm, Praise Song Farm, and her fiber animals which are sheep, goats and angora rabbits. Also, recently she has turned back to her first musical love of playing the trumpet and is a member of the Brass Band of that Brenda is a member Chestnut Group, plein air painters for the land
Women Painters of the Southeast
Williamson County Cultural Arts Commission

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