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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.mauipetportraits.com

  • Year Born: 1956

  • I happily paint every kind of animal - your pets, power animals, wild or tame.

  • Most of my paintings are commissions; while I paint your portrait, I send you progress photos so you can follow along and give your feedback.

  • I've studied communication with animals and have been face to face with ... lions, tigers, leopards, giraffes, wolves, dolphins and whales

  • Price Range: $250.00 - $6,000.00

The Artist Says:

I feel like a joyful translator for the animals I get to paint. They are such an important part of the collaboration process for their portraits. The instant I see their photos, I feel them and let them guide my paintbrush to express their essence and personalities. Animals have rich blessings they want to share with us ... I am honored to help them express their love and wisdom through their portraits.

Collectors Say:

"Your painting is here!! It's gorgeous!! The pictures didn't come close to how beautiful it is in person.  You totally captured the mischievous feel of that moment between my son and our dog, as well as the personality of each.  The colors are so rich and dynamic, it's totally come to life. I love the letter and progress pictures as well.  You are so kind and genuine, and your paintings and words truly reflect this. The heart that you put into your work makes it that much more special. I'm thrilled that I now have two portraits painted by your loving hand. Once again you amaze me and I can't thank you enough!!" ~ BJA, Seattle, WA

Dealers Say:

"The Georgia O'Keefe exhibit, 'The Poetry of Things', has spawned a number of O'Keefe related items ... like gifted artist Brenda Kennerly's work." – The Dallas Morning News, on an art exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art (Dallas, TX)

Other Artists Say:

"I love watching Brenda's portraits come to life each week when I see her at the hotel. They look way better than the photographs of the pets she uses to paint from. And she's always so happy! Is that fair? Haha!" SM, Wailea, HI


Aloha from the gorgeous island of Maui, Hawaii! I moved here in 1987 (via Texas, France, and Indonesia) and immediately fell in love with the natural beauty and the friendly people. It’s a very inspiring place … especially for artists and lovers. So I decided to combine my love for animals and painting and started creating portraits of wildlife in watercolors and acrylics.
I am basically a self taught artist. I painted for a decade before I took a couple of art classes. I wanted to discover what was inside me first - perhaps my painting talent was passed down from my grandad and his mother who were also painters.
I took animal communication classes and volunteered at an exotic big cat sanctuary and painted them all. This led to having a hand painted silk clothing line called Animal Blessings™ featuring wild animals - tigers, wolves, bison, giraffes, dolphins, etc. on clothing along with the blessing each species had given me during meditation. 
It was a natural leap for clients to ask me to paint their own animals as pet portraits and WOW! I like this even better.  My clients must too because since I began painting pet portraits, I have had a waiting list of enthusiastic pet owners in line for their one of a kind portraits. It's fun and heartwarming to share fur baby love! I am truly grateful.
Do you also have have a soul connection with a wild animal? Tigers and humpback whales thrill me! They are “power animals” for me. So I paint these for clients too. Indigenous people say that gazing upon a wild one lends their powerful qualities to you. It’s worth finding out don’t you think? ~ Brenda Kennerly


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