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I am a self taught artist that is still very early in my art journey.  I did not start painting until the Fall of 2017, so at the time of this bio, not even two years yet.  I am an avid fisherman, and more specifically fly fisherman, who has always enjoyed spending time in God's creation.  I have always drawn plenty of inspiration from the beauty of nature.  For the better part of two decades I would consider trying to pick up a paint brush and try to paint  the scenes of the places that I fished onto a canvas.  In the Fall of 2017, I decided to give it a go.  I purchased my first sets of material, paints, brushes, canvases etc.  My first few months of trial and error painting was mostly wet on wet, oil painting techniques but I soon switched over to acrylics.  My mother asked me to paint a flower from a photograph and I found that the faster drying time of acrylics allowed me to do better detail work.  From that point until now I have mostly painted with acrylics, only using oils on occasions where I wanted to utilize the properties of oil colors that I found to be beneficial.  I have been refining my technique and learning more with each piece.  I enjoy painting wildlife and landscapes and I have really started to develop a good technique for painting birds and dogs.  My most common commission request to date has been dogs.  I also have opened up my own small art gallery in the rear section of my other retail business which is a combination fly fishing store and knife shop.

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