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"If you want to be an artist you have to do artist shit......"

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“I always knew Brady could draw since I met him in high school. It’s been really amazing to see his work since then, and how he’s become the great artist that he is today!!! “

C.J. Skipper 
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My name is Brady R. Smith and  אדם is the mark I use for my work and my brand. These are the Hebrew characters for the name Adam but my use is for their literal meaning, a person or human being. I use this mark not as a pseudonym but as a symbolic reminder to myself to remain always humble and to never abandon my promise to give all credit and glory for my art to God.  I have spent my entire life in a sparsely populated region of Texas known as "The Texas Panhandle." Specifically, Lipscomb County, the most North Eastern county of the Texas Panhandle. An area I fondly refer to as "where the hoot owls breed the prairie chickens" that owes its unique history and interesting landscape to a branch of the old Santa Fe Rail Road. A half dozen communities in the region including my hometowns, Follett and Booker, were located 5-7 miles north in Oklahoma and where literally loaded up and pulled by horse south into Texas to access the railroad approximately 100 years ago. The remnants of the railroad, old country cemeteries and churches from previous town locations, towering grain elevators, and oil and gas installations make up the majority of Iconic imagery that finds its way into my work. The region though lacking in shopping venues is a beautiful and vast rolling plain largely untouched by development.  The people hold true to foundational beliefs and the idea of one nation under god. Some might think that means the residents here hold an outdated narrow minded world perspective, but in truth heaven is a very big place here that stretches as far as the eye can see and rises above everything and every person beneath it.
I began my art career late in life, though it played [...]

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