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Brad always had a tremendous passion for art.  He spent his younger years taking any class available and would doodle, draw, and paint whenever he had the opportunity.  Even while pursuing other passions art was always the dream.  The demands of family took time away from his passion but as his kids grew they encouraged him to get back to his love.  October 2017 began a new journey.  Looking to reduce stress of everyday life he found his outlet.  He wanted to try something completely different as he found something new in Spray Paint Art.  Spray paint is challenging in controlling the spray and drying time which is extremely quick especially while he was living in the desert Southwest.  
This creative outlet inspired him to start sketching and completing projects started from years earlier.  When Arizona Summers drove him indoors he decided to learn Oils and continue his work with Acrylic  paint.  By the end of 2018 Brad launched his studio naming it Fire and Fumes.  Fire from the heat used to quickly dry spray paint and fumes from the odor produced from both Oils and Aerosol Cans. 
The studio offers original art in Spray,  Acrylic, and Oil Paint.  He accepts commissions and produces original pieces for sale.  His journey can be followed on Social Media and Paintings are available for purchase through  Fine Art America, Redbubble, Fireandfumes.com, or directly from the artist.  
Brad works out of his home studio in Butler, PA. 
Member of Cranberry Artists Network
Member of Associated Artists of Butler County

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