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Boz Droca is representational artist working in the tradition of the great naturalist masters of the 19th century. By painting directly from nature Boz is trying to capture realistic sense of light and space, but for him is very important to evoke poetry in his artwork.
His father was people artist and great draughtsman, so Boz has been drawing and painting from an early age. He knew that he will be artist in age of 5, when he saw beautiful icons and paintings in local 600 years old church. .  .After completing his education at University of Sarajevo, Boz persuade career as illustrator and portrait artist. He exhibited his work across Europe (Italy, Greece, Romania,Serbia, Croatia, France and Turkey).
Over the years of his career Boz has combined innate creativity, academic training and influence of great artists from his Balkan roots (M.Corovic, M.Berber, B.Aleksic, M.Popovic),as well as western masters (A.G.Lopez,C.Bravo,R.Kinstler), to shape his own artistic language.
After moving to Houston in 1999, Boz continued to work as a fine artist, but also become part of Russell Erwin studio for murals and decorative art. Working for Erwin studio was a turning point because he was able to learn new techniques in artistry as well to make many contacts in the art world. He fell in love with Texas landscapes (Hill Country, Big Bend, and Caddo Lake).He visited Big Bend and study with masters, Bill Zane and David Caton. Result was two sold out one man exhibitions: “Color of Remembrance “and “From Mediterranean to Texas”.  He exhibited his work in “Gallery Central (Arkansas),”Gallerie Mado Chalvet”, Segovia and Boz Crown gallery (Houston, Texas). 
Boz is also known for his unique teaching style based on his script "Power of observation”. He has tutored painting classes and given demonstration to various groups of students.Recently he was teaching art at HCAA Houston .As [...]

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