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"Creating art requires a soulful search for simplicity and truth, dedication and diligence to the process of painting, and above all a clarity of vision and focus. It is also an exquisite journey that brings me true joy as I pursue my passion to create. While radiant color and luminous light inspire me visually, it is the spark of emotion that ultimately propels me to record these impressions from my life into painted pigment. To respect and honor the inherent dignity of my subjects while at the same time finding and celebrating the truth and beauty revealed each day is what I strive for. It implies that one is "always paying attention" and searching for a sensitive mood to be revealed or a saturation of compelling color to catch one’s breath. When all of these elements combine in a painterly, expressionistic effort that feels as if it’s lit from within, then magic happens and the painting is complete. It is during this exciting and emotional process that I find painting to be the most rewarding. Painting from life raises my level of involvement with nature by being present in it and with it; feet in snow, face in sun, the perfume of lilacs or sweet bird songs stirring the senses! There is something glorious and vital about being in the elements and that exuberance is translated unto the canvas as no other experience can be. A heightened awareness, a sense of being there is what I’m sharing with you."





Radiant color, lush luminosity, and the bravura brushstrokes of the Russian Impressionist tradition are hallmarks of Bonnita’s joyfully vibrant style. Her highly acclaimed, internationally awarded paintings are widely exhibited and sought after by private and corporate collectors, fine galleries, and museums alike, including the Cultural Galleries in Petropavlosvsk, Russia, the Pasadena Museum of California Art, and the Rahr-West Art Museum near her Wisconsin home.
Her paintings consistently garner prestigious awards at the American Impressionist Society, Oil Painters of America, and the Pastel Society of the West Coast; the Portrait Society of America newsletter regularly features her figurative and portrait pieces; she is an invited out-of-state Artist Member of the California Art Club. "International Artist Magazine", "American Artist","Art of the West", and "Wisconsin Trails" have chosen to showcase her work and inspired way of going. Bonnita spearheaded a 3 museum venue exhibition, "Farm Stories: Studies of a Disappearing Landscape", including a video documentary interviewing 4 generations of farmers which referenced historical / preservation issues in her community. As Founder and Artistic Director of the ecologically sensitive plein air painting group, the Water’s Edge Artists, she continues to champion conservation causes.
She paints plein air year-round primarily in her native Wisconsin, The Southwest and California, as well as abroad where she led a group of 20 students in Ireland.  She shares her love of art by conducting popular workshops; by exhibiting locally, nationally and internationally; and by demonstrating annd lecturing at prestigious learning institutions worldwide. 
Bonnita is represented in Wisconsin by River Edge Galleries in Mishicot www.riveredgegalleries.com .
Also at Robert Ray Gallery, in Algoma, Wisconsinhttp:http:http:  http://www.robertraygallery.com/
To Contact Bonnita:  [email protected] 

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