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"Extract from your subject only the essence of what is important, and not all of that; and avoid, unless you wish to seem obvious and dull, cluttering up the paper with things which you see and everyone else sees.  In the measure that what you tell is something that we already know, you become unnecessary to us, even as a starting point in the fun of discovery."  by Eliot O'Hara, from his book, Watercolor Fares Forth, 1939 "It seems to me that before a man tries to express anything to the world he must recognize in himself an individual, a new one, very distinct from others..."  Robert Henri, 1865-1929 "When you paint color notes, and not actually things themselves, you automatically end up with a more realistic and beautiful painting."  Kevin D. Macpherson, from his book Fill your Oil Paintings with Light and Color, 1997


I have been painting professionally for 30+/- years in the Columbia Gorge area.  I consider both Oregon and Washington to be my home.   I was born in Oregon but have lived on a small farm in Washington (right across the river) for the past 42 years.  I express my passion for the beauty of my environment through watercolor.  I've structured my life so that my time is available to paint and interact with those online who wish to purchase my work.

My study of art has been self-directed with workshop instructors that include, most notably, Tom Lynch (watercolor), Ron Ranson (watercolor) and Kenn Backhaus (oil)--yet also include:  Gayle Weisfield, Phil Tyler, Arne Westerman, Dee Frank, Judith Cunningham, Mitch Baird, in person and have been very influenced by Skip Lawrence over the years, through books, magazines and videos, but am most inspired by Richard Schmid, whose work speaks to my heart.  I live and paint in the Columbia Gorge area of the Pacific Northwest. 
  I also sell my work through bonniewhite.net., bonniewhitewatercolor.com, and a limited number venues in the Columbia Gorge Area, including art festivals in the Columbia Gorge and/or Portland, Oregon area.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. 
For current updates and interaction, please "like" me on facebook at Bonnie White Watercolor.  I'd love to hear from you...Bonnie

October 2019 --Artist's of the Gorge, Stevenson Library, First Place with Columbia Gorge 389.
March 2019 --Bold Brush Painting Comp Top 15% "Sky."
July 2016 -- Columbia Center for the Arts "Best of the Gorge" "Juror's Choice Award" with Columbia Gorge 42116 (oil painting)
June 2016 -- Bold Brush Painting Comp (BBPC) Top 15% with "Kenna."
June/July 2015 -- Columbia Center for the Arts "Best of the Gorge,"  Honorable Mention with "Centerville Highway"
April 2015 -- Bold Brush Painting Comp., Top 15% with "Wind [...]

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