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   This is a condensed story of Ros as told by me, her daughter and only child. Born and brought up in Dorchester, Massachusetts Ros expressed what she saw. She believed in showing real life in her paintings whether it be a dilapidated building, a bra strap on a woman's shoulder, or flowers placed in a sour cream container instead of a fancy vase. Ros Farbush was born to a poor, immigrant family of the Jewish faith. She was never given a penny and learned to fend for herself at an early age.     A bout with polio at age 8 left Ros bed ridden for almost a full year. A pencil and paper were her savior and probably her beginnings as an artist. Her parents encouraged Farbush to become a secretary, marry, and be 'normal'. She would have none of that! At The Dorchester High School for Girls Farbush was instructed by Alva Glidden. Glidden would soon become her mentor. Ros often stated it was Glidden who first showed her, a city girl,  a flower. This teacher would take her favorite students around Boston teaching them to paint on scene. She encouraged Ros to attend The Museum of Fine Arts School where Ros attained a full scholarship at the age of 16.    Farbush was instructed by Zurber (forgive me if the spelling is incorrect). Zurber's teacher was the famous Max Beckman of the German Expressionists. This was truly the beginnings of Ros' style. Farbush painted just about every day, her whole life. First she worked in a realistic fashion,  learning the techniques and skill every artist needs. The 1960's showed an experimentation with [...]

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