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The Artist Says:

I am enamored by the gently-worn and non-typical subject; be it figurative, structural or landscape.    A play of light, texture and color can reveal character and offer the question:  What's the story here?

Collectors Say:

There is something about the painting (Waiting Tugs) that draws me into it and makes me want to study it.  I think it actually makes me want to watch to see if the water or boats are moving...the tug in the foreground appears to be struggling a bit, with its bow raised, like it is stretching to get over the waves. 

Dealers Say:

Bonnie Stabler's style, color and treatment of light is most appealing to our clients.  Her choice and treatment of subject matter draws the viewer in.


Charleston (SC) artist, Bonnie McPhail Stabler has earned national attention with her expressive brush strokes, rich colors and narrative paintings.  
A former high school art teacher for over twenty-five years, Bonnie shared her passion and energy with her art students who earned recognition, honors and scores of scholarships to later pursue their own art careers and accomplishments. 
After retiring in 2005, she enthusiastically  embarked on her own professional painting career and earned local, state and national recognition:  Oil Painters of America (OPA) National (08) and Eastern Regional (07) Exhibits, OPA Juried Salon Show (14), Icons of the West Invitational Show (11) and 2011 American Impressionist Society (AIS) National Show.
Her style reflects a blend of Realism with the softness and looser qualities of Impressionism as she applies oil paints generously, loosely and colorfully to her canvases. She is known for enhancing and revising the ordinary  with bold color and brushwork, alla prima.  Her paintings reflect deliberate design and color harmonies which have earned her accolades and followers/collectors.
"I am fascinated by the play of light and shadow and the resulting effect on color on just about anything and everything.  I am having the time of my life trying to capture some of that magic and to convey the essence of the subject or scene."
Drizzly Day, 20x20 oil.   Upper King street in Charleston, SC.  The rain has slowed to just a light drizzle. (above)
Bovine Beauties, 8x10 oil.  A Mennonite farmer's dairy cows enjoy the dappled light of a Spring day in Olar, SC.  (below)

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