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"There is much undiscovered, still waiting to be expressed. I continuously return, and open to who I am to access all that waits. It is an ongoing, joyful process" ~ Bonnie MacKenzie
I hung my first painting in a juried show at the age of 8. But it would be another 25 years before I would commit to a career in the visual arts. My early years were spent in the performing arts, surrounded by dancers, musicians and actors.  A wonderfully creative environment, I found great joy in the collaborative aspects of performance.
College rekindled my interest in traditional painting, igniting my passion for “brush-in-hand”, but I explored many disciplines. My early career was spent freelancing in several areas; graphic design, calligraphy, photo restoration, illustration and textile design.  
When I was given the opportunity to work on murals, it led to work in the theatre as a scenic designer and painter; once again involved in the performing arts that had been my passion when I was young. I am still very aware how those experiences contributed to the artist I am today.
It was during a period of great transition in my life that I developed great focus and purpose. I knew what I wanted to express through my art and I returned to my studio full time. Painting became my priority.
I have had many wonderful opportunities as an artist. I am grateful to all the talented people who continue to ask me to contribute to their lives, their projects, and their dreams.
My motivation, and ultimate joy, is working on creatively challenging projects that uplift and encourage others. I wake up each day and do what I love and every moment I am creating the life I want to live. I have much gratitude for the opportunity to support and encourage others in doing the same.

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