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Van Lindt's reverence for the outdoors and his harmonious use of color, creates a primitive expression of celebration. Paintings of  forest scenes with inviting paths that lead to the many brooks and hidden spots of beauty. The viewer becomes one with that beauty, the fantasy and the inherant spirit of the different forest places.You feel the presence of running streams, wind blowing through the trees, enchanting light in various colors and moods. Van Lindt is self taught and all work is acrylic on canvas, panel and wood. Bob Van Lindt has exhibited both his photography and his paintings widely  from New York, California, St.Martins, Geneva, Florida, Colorado and Conneticut. Also exhibited at the  Paine Art Center Wisconsin and at the Minneapolis Museum of Art, The Smithsonian and has been auction off at Christie's & Sotheby's Channel 13's benifits.Van Lindt is also an  accomplished Actor, Photographer, Painter, Jazz Drummer , Writer and Director.He has written 4 plays on artist of the last century called Travelling to Artistica-a vision quest of artists who had a reverence for the outdoors unlike himself.-re: Winslow Homer, Frederick Remington, John James Audubon and Frederick Church. These and other Ltd. Edition books will be available on his site in the future. Plus following with his watercolors & wood pieces. He also has received numerous merit awards from the prestigious Salamagundi Club in New York.

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